Real Stirling has evolved from dark Fields – a photography project which was designed to  explore rural Central Scotland and beyond perhaps with a sideways view of life in the countryside – fields that is.

The project was inspired and encouraged by  dark Edinburgh.

It is now more of chronicle of what Stirling is about, the real Stirling if you like. The posts will be about the day to day Stirling.

It is clear, however,  that no website about Stirling can be complete without images of Historic Stirling. As one of the four earliest Burghs – along with Edinburgh, Linlithgow and Lanark, Stirling has been important in Scotland’s history – even without the Wallace, The Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots. Although many of the buildings in the old part of the City date back to 15th and 16th Century, their’s is a continuing story.

I will attempt through the pages of  Historic Stirling to chronicle these buildings through the colour page on Old Stirling and the page of black and white photographs in Old Stirling B&W

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