Photography Tours

King Robert the Bruce, Photography Tours Stirling

The aim of our tours is to provide an interactive and dynamic photography workshop(s) around the historic royal burgh of Stirling.

This area is rich in history and photographic opportunities are almost endless. We will demonstrate how to use your camera creatively and consider different perspectives. We will advise on how to take photographs without unwanted clutter (tourists being the biggest issue in Stirling!).

There are two levels – basic and advanced.

The basic tour is for beginners and intermediate photographers with DSLR, Bridge or good compact digital cameras. No iPhones.

Typically the tour will be as follows:

Tour should take around 3 hours depending on the level of interest in the various elements.

Cost £45 per person – minimum 4 people.

For more advanced photographers who want to get the most out of their cameras (probably DSLRS).

Similar format to above but with the emphasis on how to get best out of camera controls.

We will concentrate on:

£50 per person. These workshops will have between 2 and 4 people so that time with each student is maximised.

We also offer one to one workshops which will suit those who would like more intensive tuition.

Workshops are tailored to match your experience and will use the photography tour route as the background.

£90 per person (£145 for a couple).

For some information on your photographer.

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